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How to Run HP Diagnostic Test

Some computer manufactures provide their own set of software to perform diagnostics on their hardware. HP is one of them. Scroll down to know how to run HP diagnostic test using their inbuilt utility .

A computer hardware diagnostic test is a program to test the hardware component in the PC system to check if there is any underlying hardware problem.

HP provides diagnostic software on both their laptops and desktop computer systems and its free of charge.


2 Ways to run HP diagnostic Test


First method – In Windows.

If you are able to able to login to windows desktop, you may opt to download the latest version of HP support assistant to run the hardware checks on the system.

  1. Head over to this link to download HP Support Assistant
  2. Scroll down until you have reach the download area.
  3. Download the version accordingly to your operating system.
  4. After downloading, run the installation. You should see the following menu.
  5. Select “System Tests” and run a “quick test”
  6. If there is any errors, note down the failure ID and highlight it to the IT support.
  7. However, if no failure is found, you may opt to run the “Extensive” or full test if you still suspect that hardware problems exist.


Preboot (Before Windows loads) – Second Method

  1. Power off the system. Once system has powered off, turn it on again.
  2. Press the “Esc” (top left of keyboard) buttom immediately. Keep pressing the “Esc” button repeatedly until a menu appears.
  3. Select the option to enter “System Diagnostics”. this option should typically be “F2”
  4. At the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic menu, This menu should be similar to the image above.
  5. Perform the steps similar as above.

** Though its rare, some errors might not appear even when full test is run.




Alternatively, you may help over to HP official website for further assistance





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