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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7 That You Will Not Know

Windows 7 has been out since 2009 and we, being users, of the operating system, we might not have been aware of the following keyboard shortcut keys for windows 7, that could make our life easier.

For our keyboard, most of us should actually notice that there is a windows logo button, typically on the bottom left, which when depressed, brings up the windows start menu.


By pressing the windows button together at the same time with other keys, u can save yourself quite a lot of effort with the mouse click with these windows hot keys

DO note that the keys are meant to be pressed at the same time in order to get the shortcut to work

Win + Up Arrow = Maximize current window

Win + Down Arrow = reduce current maximized windows to windows mode, else it will minize current window.

Win + Right Arrow / Left Arrow = Shift your current window from current postition to the left/right depending on the direction of the arrow.

Win + Shift + Right / Left arrow = Move the entire window tot he left or the right screen (only for users on 2 or more physical monitors

Win + space bar= Set all windows to transport and peek at desktop

Win + D = Minize all windows and show the desktop

win + (plus sign) = Zoom in at current window

Win + (minus sign) = zoom out from current window

Win + Home buttom = Keep current window but minize the rest, press again to restore

Win + 1 = open first program on quick launch bar

Win + 2 = open 2nd program on quick launch

Win + 3 = open 3rd program, i guess u get the idea 🙂

Win + F = open up search

Win + E = open up My Computer

Win + R = open up the Run command

Win + Pause = Bring out system properties to show general info about your PC


Ctrl + Shift + Esc = bring out Windows Task Manager

Alt + Tab = Switch windows

Alt  + tab (holding the Alt button) = Choose and switch existing application

Win + Tab = Same feature as Alt + Tab, but with a nicer visual

Win + L = Lock the PC


Unlike the above commands, where the keyboard keys need to be pressed in combination to word, the following windows shortcut keys need to be press in sequential order, one at a time.

Win, right Arrow, Enter = Shutdown

Win, Right Arrow, Right Arow, R = Restart

Win, Right Arrow, Right Arow, S = Sleep

Win, Right Arrow, Right Arow, W = Switch USer















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