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Free Anti Virus For Windows

Probably you might have guess why i selected anti virus as a topic to kickstart my website. It is because it is the basic essential that every microsoft windows PC should have.

Every PC requires one anti virus program to have basic protection against the wild wild world of the internet.

An analogy. Can you imagine your home without the doors and gate, giving free access to everyone to walk in and out?  Not installing anti virus on your IT device is basically giving free rein to malware to install themselves in the system.

If you do not have any protection program for your PC, select any anti virus below before proceeding to read


Some free anti virus for windows are listed below

Bitfender Anti Virus Free

Free AVG



Although they are offered free, the capability of detecting and catching virus is as good as the paid version.


Why Pay When its Free?

Remove ads asking you to upgrade

Some anti virus does prompt you from time to time to upgrade, which could be annoying for some users.

Extra feature

Most free version of anti virus gives you file, web surfing protection and email spam protection.

Paid version might provide the following extra protection for your computer

 Network Security

Detect unusual traffic behaviour from your system


Uses their own proprietary technology, to replace microsoft windows’s inbuilt firewall, with enhanced security.

System Performance Enhancement 

Depending on the version, some paid anti virus bundle in features that claims to speed up your PC.


Downloading free version of anti virus typically does not provides any type of support, such as phone or email support by the vendors.

Licensing Restriction

Free versions of virus removal programs are typically limited to installation on home computer which is not use for any commercial purposes.


For most of us who are looking for protection for our home computers, laptops, the free package of anti virus are ample. Typically, updates are patched as fast the paid version.

As long as your are vigilant with your computer usage, and not download any unusual documents in emails, install free programs that promise you the latest blockbuster or billboard top 50 songs, we should be fine with the free version.

However, if you are the exact opposite of what i describe in the paragraph above, having the most expensive paid anti version will not work for you!

An analogy using our home again. You can have the most secure gate and door that recognise only your thumb print and your voice. But if you open the door to a robber (virus) that claims to be a pizza man delivering free pizza (programs), the best security will not be able to protect you.


Be savvy while surfing the net and installing programs from unknown sources!




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