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How to Make My Computer Faster

A computer is a device that we use daily in our workplace and one at home if we need to continue our work day at home, or for our children to do their school assignments.

We have to understand that like a human being, a computer system can be less efficient and after years of usage, will become slower, in various ways such as

– falling sick, by getting virus attack,

– getting overload – by installing too much startup programs

– physical injuries – such as broken / faulty components, failure of hardware

And to make our computer faster, we have to address the issues above


Falling sick
Just like how we human fall sick by being exposed to various virus and being getting in contact with people everyday, our computer fall sick by being exposed to the maclicious website which we visited. Basically just beware of websites that promised free stuffs, which are supposed to be paid!

How to Prevent Computer from Falling Sick

We, human, take supplements, to protect ourselves from falling sick. Woman take anti aging cream to make themselves look young. We wear jackets to protect us from catching a cold out in the cool autumn weather, Our computer system should be taking supplements and necessary clothing to protect themselves.

Some example of supplements and clothing for computer will be anti virus program. Surfing the web without anti virus is like going out shopping wearing a singlet in winter! Virus, worms can simply creep into your system without your awareness!

Anti Virus prevents malicious programs from installing themselves in your system so that they do not consume precious system resources.


Being Overload

How well can you operate when you are required to mutli task at the same time? Imagine this

– Your baby is crying for attention and needs to be fed

– A courier at the door for the past 5 minutes.

– Rain water entering your home, because u forget to close the windows during the downpour,  dripping onto your new LED TV

– Dog barking for no apparent reason

– Your little girl broke her drinking cup and cut herself

– Your little boy scalded himself when making hot drinks for himself.

– while carrying a haversack

If you cant handle them at one shot, how well can do it when it always have to load a gazillion programs on startup.

Preventing Computer System Overload

You might be asking “how to make my computer faster”?

Do your computer a favor! Here are some methods to clean up your pc for free. Go to Control Panel > Programs and uninstall whatever programs that you do not require, such as

– multiple anti virus, you do not need norton, mcafee, avg and avast running at the same time, you need only one!

– Toolbars, they are almost unnecessary and typically they are being side loaded because of one of the programs u installed. And they take up the viewing space on your browser.

– old programs, get ride of microsoft live messenger and install skype. Messenger has already been retired by microsoft in 2013

By removing the useless programs, you can speed your the performance by a fair bit after restarting the PC.


Physical Injuries (Pc Hardware Failure)

It is hard to predict when hardware will fail. However, before failing, they will usually have some symptoms.

For hard disk, which our data is stored, your system will become extremely slow overnight (not gradually). Despite you cleaning up your pc by removing unneeded programs, it is still slow, you might have a hard disk issue. If it makes constant clicking sound, get an external storage, and backup your data immediately! You definitely do not wish to deal with data recovery as they typically cost a bomb for hard disk mechanical failure.

For graphics card failure, you might have weird display, artifacts, squares appearing on your monitor screen. And if your game or video keep crashing,  you might be having an imminent graphics card failure. Although it is not as serious as hard disk error, still, backup your data as you cant work on a system without a display.

Having your system hardware in tip top condition is one of the ways to speed up the performance.

Some methods to prevent hardware failure.

– Have good ventilation for the system. Ensure that the ventilation holes around the case are not cluttered with dust. And do not block the exhaust hole.

– Do not move the system when it is still power on to prevent hard disk failure. The hard disk spins all the time, while the system is on. An accidental move or kick might cause the hard disk needle to scratch the surface of the platter


Hope you enjoy the above simple tips on how to make your computer faster and maintenance for your computer.

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