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How to Prevent Static Electricity Damage To Your PC Computer Components

Computer hardware components are tough physically.

You can accidentally drop your ram on the floor and they should still be fine. You can forcefully slot a graphics card into the PCIE slot and it will still work well. Also, you can overtighten a screw while installing the motherboard and it will still function well.

But they are as delicate as well. A simple electrostatic discharge, which is also called static electricity and could render them dead.

While the possibility of static electricity damaging your computer internal hardware is low, you do not wish to have your precious components destroyed by the unexpected, invisible enemy.

Here are some recommendations to prevent static electricity damage to your precious computer hardware.

Hard Surface.

If you are going to perform hardware services on the computer, always work on a hard, and flat surface. For instance  wooden table or tiled floor.

wooden table for servicing computer

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Anti-static wristband.

Wear the band and connect to the metallic side of the casing or a grounded metal object.


Non carpet floor.

Carpet develop static electricity from movement. Hence if it is not possible not to work from a carpeted floor, try to reduce movement due to friction.


Remove socks and shoes or reduce movements while wearing them.

Movements while wearing them generate static electricity, similar to working on a carpet floor. Hence if possible remove them while servicing your computer.


Touching the Casing.

One method which i do subconsciously is that i will touch the computer case, while i am working on it. This generally transfer any static charges to the casing, provided the casing is metallic.


Keep Computer Component in Anti Static Bag.

Any unused component should be kept in the anti static bag that it comes with. It protects the internal hardware against electrostatic discharge damage.

And kept the packaging in a box to prevent physical damage.

A graphics card with a broken cooling fan while taking out from a bag is never a pleasant surprise.


Nowadays with modern hardware, it is rare for the internal computer hardware to be damaged by static electricity. However, prevention is always better than cure!

Hopefully the above tips have assisted you to prevent static electricity damage to your pc hardware during installation or servicing.

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