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Windows 8.1 Boot to Desktop Option Quick Guide

Windows 8 is certainly a big drastic change as compared to winodows 7 and the previous versions of microsoft windows operating system. As it is optimized for touch screen devices more than the mouse point and click cursor.

When we first login in windows 8, we are shown the page where we see tons of color tiles and we will have to click on the “desktop” icon to switch to desktop mode.

After listening to our feedback (complains), they finally allow us to have the option to boot directly to desktop option in windows 8.1. However, it is not a direct method to login straight to windows 8.1 desktop.

Here the quick guide to windows 8.1 boot to desktop option.

firstly, enter the desktop mode, and right click on any EMPTY space on the taskbar (not on any icons), the bottom bar where the start button resides.

A window called “taskbar and navigation properties” should appear.



You should see four tabs, “taskbar, navigation, jumplist and toolbars”

Go to “Navigation” and look at the bottom half of the window as shown above)

Tick the 1st box, “When i sign in or close all apps, go to desktop instead of start”

And your windows 8.1 will automatically send you to desktop mode upon login




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